Welcome to the Anti-Money Laundering Council Portal! (Ver. 2.10.12)

The facility allows Covered Persons (CPs) to accomplish the following:

*Online Registration
- Allows Compliance Officers to register and attach supporting documents. Submission of hardcopy documents are no longer required.

*Upload CTR/STR Files
- Encrypted Covered Transaction Reports (CTRs) and Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs) may be conveniently transmitted to the AMLC via this facility.

*View History of Uploaded CTR/STR Files
- Access history of uploaded CTR/STR files. Errors are logged, allowing users to identify and make the necessary corrections. Users also have the option to download the validation messages.

*View News Advisories
- New and archived AMLC advisories may be accessed from this facility.

*Upload Attachments to STRs
- Digital attachments to Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs) may be submitted through this facility. The STR should have been uploaded first prior to uploading of attachments.

*View History of Uploaded Attachments to STRs
- Access history and status of uploaded STR attachments.

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Note: CPs with 11-digit Inst. Code - 1st 6 digits

         CPs with 18-digit Inst. Code - 1st 9 digits

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